How can I help you today? Using AI to develop intelligent chatbots

Video time: 0mins 52 secs

Chatbots are one AI tool that many of us will already be familiar with. We’ve met them online when browsing a website and up they pop asking if they can help. And how frustrating is it when you ask them a question but then find they’re actually live people, and are currently “unavailable”?

During Martin Langan's recent presentation "Online Legal Services and Artificial Intelligence", he demonstrated a tool developed for a Legal Workflow client that is always available, can be primed to answer many of your clients’ questions while they're online and can provide you with leads!

Take a look at the demo for a simple example of such a chatbot. It demonstrates how a prospective client can either type in or ask a spoken question - or series of questions - online and the chatbot answers. Then, when the client presents as a lead, it asks them to complete the online contact form which is submitted to you via the website. 

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