Is your firm’s BI & analytics setup ready for GDPR compliance?

Let Informance support your firm in its journey towards GDPR Compliance.

We provide TimeXtender’s Discovery Hub® - a powerful and proven automation solution that provides a solid foundation for your firm’s compliance with:

  • Automated Documentation – document what data you hold and where in all your BI and analytics environments.
  • Data Lineage and impact analysis – where does my data come from and where is it used?
  • Tag – personal identifiable information.
  • Security – who has access to my data?
  • Aggregations and anonymisation – mask personally identifiable information.
  • Multiple front-ends – do not access sources directly but run against semantic layer.
  • Multiple environments – whether in test, development or production your data is fully documented, and you have full version control, security and traceability.
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