Workshare Compare in iManage Work 10

Workshare was once again recognized as the market-leading content comparison solution in the ILTA technology survey. We have great partners, like iManage, who we work with to ensure our leading technology is always embedded and available in the places you work.

All Workshare products are compatible with your iManage Work 10 solution, so you can use comparison software integrated with Work 10 now.

Reviewing your content in iManage Work 10

Using Workshare gives you the fastest, most accurate way to compare documents secured in iManage Work 10.

We provide a browser-based comparison capability within Work 10 that means documents in your DMS that you want to review never have to leave the iManage eco-system. 

With other solutions on the market, a user needs to sign in to the secondary comparison platform in addition to signing into iManage. Workshare doesn't require you do that, which saves time and creates a seamless experience. 

Also, other solutions automatically copy documents being compared to Microsoft OneDrive where it is opened. This is because their product doesn't have a redline viewer like Workshare's so they just open the document in Word Online after it is copied across to OneDrive. It takes you away from where you're working (iManage) and pops you into another interface (Word Online).

The document has also left the controlled environment of iManage and put the document into a OneDrive account, which isn’t necessarily your own, so you have no control or visibility over it.

Workshare can be customized to appear in any language, panels can be hidden or displayed on a firm’s preference and it's a much more powerful solution operated in iManage.

You can select the documents, run a comparison and get the results all within the browser. You don't have to open another application or risk taking documents to a different or non-secure platform.

When data security is a growing threat, it's nice to know Workshare Compare is protecting your files within the iManage experience.


3 ways of working

While you can work directly from the browser, there are actually 3 ways of comparing documents in iManage Work 10 with Workshare. This is to give you the ultimate flexibility, ensuring you can work however you work best.

1. Desktop - From the Workshare Compare desktop application, select 2 files stored in iManage Work 10 and run a comparison

2. Online - When working from iManage Work 10 in the browser, select 2 documents or versions and compare them using the Workshare option in the dropdown menu

3. From Word - Working in Word? Choose the documents or versions held in iManage Work 10 from the sidebar or iManage ribbon and compare them with Workshare


2 leading providers, 1 application

iManage and Workshare give you a fast, seamless integration to manage all your documents and accurately review content. Compare any 2 files and save the redline or new version back to your DMS. 

With Workshare comparison technology embedded directly in iManage Work 10, it’s 2 applications behaving as 1, making it simple to use and manage. Plus it's a great experience.


Workshare in Work 10.2

Our partners are always working on something new and so are we! While all our solutions are integrated with Work 10 now, we're getting ready for Work 10.2.

If you have implemented Work 10, but haven't upgraded to Work 10.2 yet, we should be right in sync. 

The integration between Workshare Compare/Professional desktop, Workshare Compare in iManage and iManage Work 10.2 On-Premise / Private Cloud is available now.

The multitenant certifications of the same are coming in Q1 2019.” The table should also be updated, updating two of the “Q4” entries with a tick.


More resources

You can find more details about our integration with iManage Work 10 on this integrations page. And we also have a short video that shows you just how the experience works when you have the market-leading comparison solution embedded in iManage Work 10.

If you're a little further down the line in terms of the integration of Work 10 with Workshare's comparison solution and you want to know more about how you run a comparison in Work 10, check out this article in our knowledge base. It provides a step-by-step guide to get you started.

There's loads of other useful resources and information on the knowledge base too, so if you need something, run a search and you should be able to find what you need.


Integrating with iManage Work 10 beyond comparison

Workshare and iManage have integrations that go beyond content comparison and take you into the world of content security. 

We know how essential it is for firms to control their data, protect it and detect when it's at risk. That's an enterprise-wide concern and needs to be managed in the DMS, over email and across every platform through which content moves. 

Confidential client data needs to be secured, personally identifiable information needs to be protected and "bad actors" within a business need to be weeded out.

Our pre-integrated solutions can help with that. 

We have a dedicated webpage with all manor of information and reading to help CISOs and Security leaders with their strategies to protect data and prevent data loss. There is also contact information on the site in case you want to speak to a member of the iManage or Workshare team about our security offering.

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