Sprout IT: WannaCry – could your Firewall have helped?

Yes, it could and should have done!


The attack hit over 100 countries across the world with an untold number of victims. WannaCry is a combination of a Trojan/ransomware and a worm that leverages an SMB file sharing protocol exploit named EternalBlue. The Shadow Brokers leaked EternalBlue in April 2017 as part of a bigger dump of NSA developed exploits. This exploit affects various versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems, including a number of versions that are in end-of-life status. Although Microsoft released a large number of patches on March 14 to address this vulnerability, the attack remains dangerous as many organisations have not applied the patch.

What we know


And this is where a well managed firewall, would have helped you.

Sprout fully managed firewalls have been protecting your network from WannaCry ransomware and the worm that spreads it since 17 April, 2017.  

The WannaCry attack started on Friday 12th May.

Since the release of the first version of the block code, our security provider has identified several new variants and have released additional counter measures. As new signatures are released, this additional protection is automatically rolled out to our customers’ firewalls.

What we should do:

  1. Get a managed firewall / security provider.  Gone are the days when you can install a firewall and leave it alone, until you replace it in 5 years.  You need to be proactive about cyber security.
  2. Patch, Patch, Patch.  Patches are released with good reason.  Sometimes, to fix and issue or close a vulnerability.  Some patches even improve user experience!
  3. OK, this list could get pretty long; train your users, backup your data, improve your email security etc etc.  In short, if you are not pretty certain (at Board level) that your business is doing the right things, then go and find someone who can help you.  The need for Cyber Resilience, in business, is not going to go away any time soon.
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