Repstor affinity 3.0 – my three favorite features

You will see from our announcements that we’ve recently released the latest version of Repstor affinity and assist.  There are over 50 new features within this release – but I’m going to highlight my 3 favorites here.

1) Repstor drive. Okay, so it is the headline new feature – but still a favorite. We often get asked about accessing ECM systems from the file system as an alternative to Outlook. There are some things that are just that bit easier done within the file system:
– moving and copying files in bulk
– saving from non-Office applications
With the Repstor drive module you can access any of the Repstor affinity supported repositories directly through the file system. This provides the same great offline experience as Repstor affinity within Outlook, and indeed accesses the same information.

2) Attach Items. I was skeptical about this initially. Why do we need an attach button when Outlook already has an Attach Item button that could attach Repstor affinity information? Also, isn’t it easy to forward a document directly from the Repstor affinity folder? Well I have found myself composing an email and suddenly wanting to attach something from affinity. And I must say I now love having the ability to attach directly from the message compose window – and using the Quick File style lookup makes this a breeze to use.

3) Temporary Repositories. I’ve included this in my list, even though it was mentioned in previous releases. However, with some changes to expiry in this release – these have got even better. Temporary Repositories support the common scenario where you want ad-hoc access to a large hierarchy of information for filing and browsing, but never want to use the information offline. Users can access information from anywhere in the hierarchy, and the information is available until they close that Outlook session. Items within the temporary repository are provided in “header only” mode which means the user gets fast access. This allows for a compelling configuration where users get access to the full Fileplan for browse and filing, but only have full offline access to the areas that they work on a daily basis. This feature is configured within the central repository list (which pushes out content to users). I know it won’t be everyone’s favorite, but it is one of mine!

Honorable mentions

Of course, I can’t just limit myself to three, so I’ve included two more new features that nearly made it in my top 3 list.
• PDF Conversion. It has always been fairly easy to convert documents from Word format into PDF by launching Word, and saving as a different file format. But the convenience of a right click menu to convert Word documents to PDF directly within the Outlook window cannot be beaten. This will convert in the same folder, and has the added benefit of cleaning the document of revision comments and other spurious properties.
• Meridio Repository Support. As you can tell from our history, many of the Repstor team originally worked at Meridio – a document and records management company. Unfortunately Meridio has been “end-of-lifed” at its current home HP. To help Meridio users transition easily from Meridio to a new repository (most likely HP TRIM or SharePoint) – we now provide a repository connector that can connect to Meridio. By providing support for both HP TRIM and SharePoint we make it easy to transition users from one repository to the other – with concurrent access to both within a consistent Outlook UI. With our HP TRIM connector giving full hierarchy access to TRIM hierarchies within Outlook, transitioning Meridio users have a way to move forward while still being provided with great access to old content through the Outlook interface.

Check out the full set of new features with a trial of Repstor affinity.

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