Prevention is better than cure

A few years ago there were a series of schoolboy jokes going around about a certain brand of car and, to save any embarrassment, I’ll call it brand X. “Why do brand X have rear heated windows? To keep your hands warm when you push them!” When that joke first went around, built-in rear heated windows in cars were a little bit of a novelty. Brand X was also a bit of a novelty and it had to sell on price to be able to grab the attention of the public. Some discerning salesmen may have tried to use the ‘hand warming rear-heated window’ as a feature and added benefit for when the car broke down; the thing is, the car was not supposed to break down in the first place.

The analogy works well to explain the different approaches to workflow within digital dictation solutions. A basic definition of workflow is the automatic electronic routing of documents to the users responsible for working on them. The important word is automatic. We find, in our market, ‘automatic’ is a term loosely used and there are some systems out there that are more manual than you might think.

Winscribe will be exhibiting at LawTech Futures 2012 on March 15 at Victoria Park Plaza, London.  Come and see us on Stand No 3 and hear Colin Wilson speak from the Lounge Stage at 15.40pm on why firms need to have innovation as part of their DNA and how business process management can be used as the catalyst for change.

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