Only 27% say their firms are early adopters of technology - Advanced Legal survey highlights

Technology has long promised to future-proof organisations, and we are now seeing the adoption of innovative solutions to meet evolving business needs. Some organisations are further ahead in the journey than others. In fact, 12 per cent of our survey respondents would describe their organisation as innovators, while 16 per cent would say their organisation is in the late majority or a laggard. However, it’s better late than never, and never too late to start.

Every business should – and can – be a digital business. It’s about finding the right technology that will meet an individual organisation’s needs, rather than choosing a technology for the sake of it.

Perhaps one of the most positive changes we have seen in the four years we have been conducting our Trends Survey is the increase in adoption of innovative technologies. There is clearly a growing appetite for tools that were once within reach of only big corporates with big budgets.

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