LEAP discuss how mobility is allowing small law firms to succeed

Mobile computing, it’s been heralded for years, but true mobility has not been a reality until now. With the coming of age of cloud technology and the dominance of the smartphone it’s now possible to access and progress all your matters from anywhere and at any time, even when working offline!

Our clients are telling us that being able to work on the move is now key to running their practice, it also helps them attract the very best fee earners that want flexibility in the work place, a very common theme in today’s modern law firm. Sara Frisby of Tactical Employment Solicitors in Middlesex says "I am loving the LEAP product! It has made a huge difference to my working life as I am now able to access all matter and client details from any device.”

Work from anywhere 

You can access LEAP via your laptop. When you log in remotely all your matters are instantly available and you can work on matters whether you are online or offline. Basically, it doesn’t make any difference whether you work in or out of the office – all your work is synchronised and filed the same way.

Shuaib Suria from P A Todd & Company Solicitors in Leicester: “Since LEAP is cloud-based, I can install it on my laptop and work on it from home in the evenings and weekends when I need to catch up with my work, without having to come in to the office at odd hours.”

Or you can download the LEAP Mobile App and manage all your matters from the palm of your hand. Your smartphone is now effectively your desktop or laptop. As Shuaib Suria describes below, your clients will be impressed with the service you can offer them. You can be in a meeting with them or on the phone and instantly update them with progress on their matters. You are in control and your clients will be reassured that you are on the ball.

Shuaib Suria continues “Having LEAP on my mobile as an app is handy if clients ring me on my mobile when I am out of the office, as I can confidently update them by quickly refreshing their case on my mobile, and letting them know for example that searches have been applied for, or their registration has completed at the Land Registry etc. without having to go to my nearest computer to get an update."

James Hadley from KingsGuard Legal in Briley Hill adds “It really does enable me to manage my practice from anywhere and provides me with total control."

Flexibility and freedom

The LEAP Client Success Team maintains regular communication with customers helping them to get the most out of the solution and its new features. The feedback we receive from those who have taken to “working on the go” has been incredibly positive, the adoption of this technology is clearly having an impact on both themselves as individuals and the success of their firms.

Sylvia Parsonage from Parsonage & Co Solicitors in Teddington comments “LEAP is an excellent software system and its functionality, speed and accessibility has created improved productivity for the whole firm. Most importantly it has allowed staff flexibility in being able to work anywhere and for all staff to access matter information instantly allowing support staff and others to provide instant updates on the progress of matters.”

The future is here

We have found that since we released our mobile App some months ago, we have seen a surprising number of clients using it. Over 500 firms now use the mobile App on a day to day basis, this includes evenings and weekends. An increasing amount of work is being done via the mobile and now more websites are viewed on mobile devices and tablets than desktops. People are demanding that their desktop functionality is available to them always and on all platforms. With LEAP this is now a reality.

Naheem Anwar from Certus Solicitors in Bradford says “I use this app in conjunction with my computer. I find it really useful. I can scan onto it from my phone and record time. It also impresses clients when they can receive correspondence that I have received by text or email from my phone. This is the future!”


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