How digitising documents can help bring order to law firms

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Tom Bailey, managing director at Best Practice Limited, says digital innovations help to cater to modern working trends.

Handling large volumes of mail is part and parcel of running a law firm. In the age of digital case management software, it is preferable to maintain digital files, however, getting documents from their envelope to the correct location in the system is typically a frustrating and time-consuming task.

Law firms should be looking to digitise as many paper documents as they can, especially those that often arrive in the post. Not only does this reduce time spent organising mail, but it helps businesses to maximise the benefits of working with digitised files.

One of the advantages of digitised documents is that it enables easy access for people working across multiple locations. The trend of flexible working is set to stay, with research completed by the TUC revealing that in 2016, 1.5million people were working from home in the UK. Having a system with digitised files helps to ensure those that work from home or off-site have the same access as their colleagues in the main office. With lawyers regularly attending off-site meetings and court, this immediate access to digitised documents, including correspondence received, can give them a competitive advantage over their rivals. Yet, the advantages are even more than just catering to modern worker trends.

Easy access digital documents help to assist business with data management including what information is being held and how they are using it. Having this data stored digitally often makes files more secure and organised which can help with compliance and regulation. The benefits are beyond just the legalities however, as searching digitised records is also much less time-consuming, making it easier to find and process information.

The advantages of managing documents digitally are evident, but with paper still very much part of the day to day job, it’s important to make the process of digitising documents as efficient as possible.

Working with Brother UK, we’ve developed new technology – Post Partner –  which can significantly reduce the time spent on mail sorting. By automatically placing the scanned document into the correct client case folder, it is efficient and streamlines the process while removing room for human error. Designed to integrate with popular case management software, the solution can be implemented with minimal disruption to business operations.

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