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According to the Legal IT Landscape Report 2020, 26% of SME firms have chosen Operation/Admin as the winning areas for automation improvement. This is a clear winner in our eyes too, as we often see firms use a lot of their precious time and manpower doing heaps of paperwork and mapping out every step of their client’s journey manually. 

Firms must explore their options and see how they can invest in their future so that less resources are used on repetitive tasks and fee earners have more time to focus on their clients and desired outcomes.

Innovative technology is available now to take your firm to the next level.

Our Sale and Purchase workflows have been written within Partner for Windows case management system to give a streamlined approach in completing tasks.  The workflows allow firms to have an ‘out of the box’ workflow for Sale and Purchase transactions which can then be added to and developed for their own in-house procedures.

Main Features

Save time and Money

Drastically cut down on costs as accurate data is pulled straight out of Partner for Windows. Thus reducing wasted hours of your firm’s time spent on manually completing repetitive tasks and populating templates and forms.

Perfect portal integration

When matters are created in P4W the information from Perfect Portal is stored within the screens, this then auto populate either Oyez or Laser Forms.


The Sale and Purchase screens have been designed to work when using Infotrack so that the information is available to auto populate their forms.

Effective Organisation

Dates such as Exchange and Completion are automatically added to fee earners and central calendars if applicable.


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