Top 100 Directors research: legal IT leaders report in 2013 released

IT professionals are reaching board-level status with more CIOs in post than ever before, new research into the top 100 Directors has found.

The number of C-level IT leaders is up almost 60% since the last study in 2009 according to the report, conducted by Legal Support Network with sponsor Thomson Reuters Elite.

Job mobility within the top 100 has also risen to record-breaking numbers, with 23 moves between 2010 and 2012, concurrent with slightly higher gender diversity that now matches the percentage of women leaders in the FTSE 100.

Legal technology is integrating further with HR and finance as the legal sector faces its biggest challenges yet, amid upheaval brought on by the Legal Services Act and cost pressures in the aftermath of the economic crisis. 

Pressures to reevaluate efficiency and focus on profitability has demanded a more prominent role for IT, as Daniel Pollick, CIO at DLA Piper, says firms "are starting to realise that IT is a key element in quality, cost, productivity and even culture in a firm".

Despite these advances, ascendancy of the IT function, according to Kingsley Napley's head of IT, Thereza Snyman, has still not reached firm-wide recognition. "[But] I suspect that this may start to change over the next five-to-seven years as the impact of ABSs and the other drivers for change start to bite".

To find out more, read the full report free - download here

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