SeeUnity and iManage come together in a technology partnership for innovative content migration

SeeUnity, a leading provider of content integration and migration solutions for on-premise and cloud-based Enterprise Content Management applications is pleased to announce today, a Technology Partnership with iManage, a leading provider of work product management for law firms, corporate legal departments, and other professional services firms such as accounting and financial services.

With the robust and proven Velocity Content Migration solution, organizations facing the complex task of migrating their data to the iManage Cloud will greatly benefit.  This partnership means reduced cost, complexity, and risk for iManage customers, enabling them to be up and running with iManage sooner.

“SeeUnity brings the most comprehensive and in-depth migration product in the industry to this partnership,” says Dan Anderson, CEO and co-founder, SeeUnity.  “Our technology enables us to migrate content from various source systems, including iManage on-premise, directly to the iManage Cloud.  This greatly reduces the complexity of the migration and is a real win for iManage customers.”

Velocity Content Migration is a feature rich, out-of-the-box product that leverages iManage libraries at API level to synchronize content between systems during the migration allowing users to continue working and maintain document compliance.  Using the powerful Velocity Management Studio, IT professionals will save hours of work with configurable and reusable migration templates and built-in C# scripting for customization.  Of particular benefit to iManage users is the capability to bring over:  matter centric workspace structures and folders, original document numbers, and preserve project ID’s.

 “This new technology partnership with SeeUnity greatly simplifies the entire migration process and puts the customer in complete control by allowing content to be moved directly to the iManage Cloud,” commented Dan Dosen, General Manager, Cloud Services, iManage.  “We are able to further extend the value of our iManage solutions with SeeUnity’s expertise and extensive list of connectors.”  

In addition, SeeUnity’s Echo Content Synchronization and Fusion Content Integration tools will improve iManage users’ workflow and support information governance plans by allowing them to access, connect, and sync to their other vital business applications.

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