Repstor unveils a new mobile content management suite

Repstor, the ECM adoption company that helps businesses exploit their SharePoint and Office 365 investments, today launched a new mobile content management suite providing improved continuity for information workers on the go.

By making it easier and more intuitive for nomadic employees to correctly file email and documents when out of the office, the new addition to Repstor’s content management suite will boost productivity, collaboration and compliance.

Based on Repstor’s content categorisation technology, assist™, the new mobile application gives information workers intelligent, accurate and intuitive email and document filing and categorisation on the go, from any device.
“If mobile knowledge work is to be more collaborative than just sending and receiving emails, we need to make it easier for users to file more efficiently on the go,” commented Repstor’s CTO, Fergus Wilson.

With improving high-speed mobile coverage, employees can now use their devices for much more than simply checking email when out of the office. “But this can play havoc with information management,” Fergus said. “Unless mobile activity is an extension of people’s desktop systems, or they engage in follow-up admin at some later time, there is a risk that emails and attachments will not be filed correctly – and it’s too easy to forget when back in the office.”

Crucially, users don’t have to open a second application or take special actions to file their emails or attachments from their mobiles: they can do this directly from within their usual mobile mail application.

“This offers a good safeguard against inconsistent filing,” Fergus explained. “Users can now do this correctly first time, wherever they are – without any fuss, and without interrupting what they’re doing.”

Repstor’s assisted filing capability can be used with a wide variety of popular content management and file sharing applications – such as SharePoint, HP CM, Box and even file shares.

The company has also introduced a mobile app for its custodian™ case management solution, designed specifically for legal professionals using Office 365 and SharePoint. This offers intuitive mobile access and browsing and filing of cases and legal matters on the go.

To find out more, visit the Repstor stand at AIIM Forum 2017.

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