New DictateNow dictation app for Blackberry

Although BlackBerry have attracted a lot of media attention recently for all the wrong reasons, there remains a sizeable and loyal following, particularly among the professional services. The recently launched BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 have certainly attracted a great deal of interest, making comments about the firm’s imminent demise seem remarkably premature.

Our free dictation app., available for Apple and BlackBerry users, has recently been updated for BlackBerry, to take advantage of the improved functionality of the most recent handsets. The many thousands of people using our dictation and transcription system in their office will feel at home with the user-interface and will find recording and editing dictation as easy as ever.
The download statistics prove the apps popularity, perhaps highlighting the continued trend for everyone, particularly lawyers, to adopt a more mobile approach to their work. With everyone squeezing more into their day, apps like ours, which allow a more efficient use of time, ensure you can now dictate in the car on the way to or from meetings, on the train or even sat outside court or in the police station.

The increasing number of WiFi access points allows sound files to be easily uploaded to your office or to our secure servers for transcription if you want to take advantage of our vast secretarial resource. The modern business is agile and efficient, with executives out and about meeting clients and working away from the office and our updated app for BlackBerry users will help them take advantage of those often wasted few minutes during the working day.
For everyone, it’s not about working harder, just smarter. We are not advocating a lengthening of the working day. Instead, by using the commute home to finish or progress work, rather than working at home, will result in improved leisure time for everyone, not just BlackBerry users.

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