Mark Craddock joins NetDocuments to lead sales efforts

Mark Craddock Joins NetDocuments to lead sales efforts in EMEA as global cloud-based document management adoption continues to rise

Mark Craddock, a leading industry professional in legal technology sales management, has joined NetDocuments as director of sales in EMEA, and will lead international efforts to continue educating the market on the advantages of a modern, cloud-based document and email management solution. With over 25 years in IT and business development, Mark will be a valuable resource in providing the markets understanding for cloud-based document management, as a key element of a law firm technology strategy.

NetDocuments has experienced unprecedented growth recently, including a capital investment from Frontier Capital and an acquisition of Decisiv Email from Recommind. Mark is no stranger to exceptional growth, as he led FWBS ltd into an acquisition with Thomson Reuters in 2011 and, under his leadership, created an international sales team, including a top tier global channel program. “We are thrilled to have Mark onboard to lead our sales efforts in EMEA,” said Matt Duncan, CEO of NetDocuments. “His leadership and experience in engaging large law firms will be invaluable, as global adoption of cloud-based document management continues at such a rapid pace. Mark is well equipped to support the exceptional growth at the company and be a valuable asset amongst our outstanding team of industry leaders.” 

Mark spent many years in some of the largest global technology firms, helping improve IT strategy and developing business initiatives to reduce costs and increase productivity for their clients. With leadership roles at Microsoft, Toshiba, and most recently, Thomson Reuters, Mark is a proven industry professional who has the tools to lead NetDocuments’ global efforts as the company continues to experience high levels of growth. “NetDocuments is undoubtedly the leader in what they do and recognised in the industry as the most progressive, modern, and scalable option available for law firms today,” Mark Craddock said. “In my travels throughout law firms, I see challenges that can be solved through NetDocuments’ cloud-based solution. I am excited to now represent the company in a role where I can be more involved in the document and email management initiatives of the firm.”

As a modern, enterprise-grade document and email management solution, NetDocuments continues to develop processes and products to assist law firms in their goals to become more productive. Through NetDocuments’ cloud-based solution, firms are able to improve collaboration, security, compliance, and mobility, which in turn, allows for more time to be focused on client interaction and service.

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