LTC4 welcomes the first 'LION' to new advisory council

LTC4 (Legal Technology Core Competency Certification Coalition) are pleased to announce that Peggy Wechsler has become the first LTC4 LION.

LTC4 Lions are legal technology professionals who have been invited to form an Advisory Council to assist the Board with the strategic direction of LTC4.

Peggy’s many years of experience working within the legal industry and her passion for encouraging technology education will be invaluable as the organization continues to grow apace. She will be working with the Board to develop strategies for working with corporate legal departments as well as law firms and law schools, and she will be helping LTC4 to grow and continue in its mission to become firmly accepted as the industry standard for technology skills.

LTC4 are setting the global standard for legal technology proficiency – working towards a future where all legal professionals use technology proficiently and can prove it. Proud to be strategic partners with the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC).

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