Linetime release new CRM (Client Relationship Management) system

With reforms in PI claims area, reduction in Legal Aid budgets, the advent of ABS, the need to be more active in generating new business has never been greater.

The first place but which is often overlooked is within the huge “pot” of information that exists within the firm already. Linetime’s CRM (Client Relationship Management) not only mines the client information but also stores, retrieves and uses marketing information on other parties e.g.  prospects and other professional contacts.

Your client database is your biggest marketing database and should be expanded using CRM to include all these other parties to be the sole source of marketing activity in your firm.

Imagine you want to run a seminar on changes in employment law. The CRM searches the database for all likely interested attendees. In parallel with this you start to build the seminar by setting a budget, defining the steps you need to take, create your email or letter templates, voice script etc. 

Fee earners and others can share and edit the attendees list through an Outlook Notification generated by Linetime’s Collaborate module. The final invitees are then emailed, mailed or phoned as necessary to further refine the ultimate attendees.

Marketing campaigns or events can be as simple or as complex as you choose from a simple mailshot to all lapsed clients, to the most sophisticated golf day/conference/seminar. Each campaign has its own profile of relevant necessary information e.g. a golf day would need golf handicaps and maybe dietary requirements even overnight accommodation. A profile for a seminar may just need the dietary elements and a parking space. Whatever the profile is you have the control to create it.

But how do you measure the effectiveness of campaigns? If your prospect becomes a client as a result of a specific event then the system provides the facility to record this. Your whole database can be interrogated to measure the success of an event. Using the Linetime Business Intelligence module you could also compare the success of all your campaigns.

The list of features and benefits is extensive, contact for more information or to arrange a demonstration of how we can help you to win more business.

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