Repstor: Best practices for managing cases in MS 365 as records

Microsoft 365 and SharePoint provide rich document management capabilities, but when it comes to case management and managing your business activities, this can prove more challenging. 

With Repstor, you can fully automate the process of creating your cases, while also managing their lifecycle start to completion. This includes the capture of key case information, status & milestones, all alongside a central, collaborative case workspace for filing of emails and documents. Gimmal Records Management is automatically applying records policy on the content within these cases, using this case information and activity.

For Users, they have access to the information they need and easy case filing through a rich Outlook centric interface, whilst Records Managers know these cases are managed in a controlled compliant manner. This process becomes automated and seamless for everyone involved.

Join Repstor and Gimmal to learn how this winning combination can automate the case management and compliance process in Microsoft 365. Increase your productivity and user adoption, while maintaining compliance with records management policies.

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