Legal CRM: Bringing your technology stack together to improve business performance (Part 4)

While many firms have a common goal in mind – connecting with clients in ways to drive growth – the journey to accomplish this goal is anything but common. Every firm has hurdles to overcome – from data quality issues to siloed systems and teams. Learn how your firm can overcome its challenges by joining us in this webinar series.

In part four, we’ll explore how your business development and marketing tech stack supports your firm's growth strategies. We’ll discuss what data, metrics, and capabilities can effectively support your practice and sector teams. We’ll point out what questions firms should be asking of their performance data and how to achieve the best results.

If you missed parts one, two, or three of this webinar series and would like to watch them on demand, please contact us.

Join us for this discussion to answer practical questions such as:

• What are your firm’s growth strategies and how does your firm currently track progress against growth its plans? Is your tech stack flexible enough to support any growth strategy?
• What systems and data are typically needed to obtain a clear picture of your pipeline, practices, sectors, and geographies?
• What mundane workflows and data gathering tasks can technology assist with to free up resources for more impactful work?

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