Ascertus – iManage ChalkTalk webinar: 10 tips for more productive iManage work usage

Ascertus ChalkTalk Webinar training sessions have been designed to assist iManage users in practical areas such as search techniques, email management, mobility and more. 

The rolling ChalkTalk webinar series is ideal for users who are looking for a refresher course in iManage Work; as well as for those individuals who haven’t had the opportunity to receive formal training on the system. 

In this 30-minute session, you will gain 10 useful, smart working tips to increase productivity, improve efficiency and enhance collaboration and responsiveness. To this end, the webinar will delve deeper into the functionality of iManage Work, to highlight the following key user settings and features in the software: 

• Subscriptions 
• User defaults 
• Saved searches / views 
• Categories 
• .NRL links 
• Saving incoming documents as new versions to existing documents 
• Changing default number of search results 
• Proximity searching 
• Text string searching. 

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