Tikit case study: Tikit Training Passport

Beaumont Legal - Background 

Beaumont Legal is a 200-year-old law firm based in West Yorkshire. The practice has around 200 staff and is now one of the UK’s largest conveyancers. The firm prides itself on providing a personal service that is underpinned by the latest technology – and that includes Partner for Windows, which the firm has had since 2002.

In 2011 Beaumont Legal decided to add a Training Passport. This was not so much because they couldn’t update P4W inhouse, but rather because it was much more efficient to use Tikit’s specialists. The firm initially opted to receive 24 days per annum. However Beaumont derived so much value from Training Passport that it decided to increase this to 36 days per annum from 2013.


Beaumont Legal has mainly used Training Passport to search out the ways in which repetitive jobs can be automated and to refine certain tasks. These include:

  • Automating posting notifications. Before, every time a client made a payment, Beaumont Legal’s accounts department would note the event, identify the relevant fee-earner, go into Outlook, type an email, and send it. Now, P4W reacts to the payment event and sends the email automatically. This saves Accounts a great deal of time and increases the accuracy and timeliness of notifications.
  • Automating the running of daily and weekly reports. The accounts team now receives the reports it needs on time, without having to run them manually.
  • Automating replies to conveyancing quote requests. In the past each quote request was replied to manually. Now an automatic, appropriately populated reply is generated and sent by P4W. Because of the high volume of quote requests, automation has entirely replaced one full-time role. This has freed a staff member to take on the much highervalue task of following-up quotes.
  • Integrating with third parties. Now when a partner agency refers a client to Beaumont Legal there is no need to manually re-key the new client’s details; with the new code, a new matter is automatically opened and the details are automatically brought straight into P4W. 
  • Customising the look and feel of forms. This goes beyond the cosmetic. Using Training Passport, Beaumont Legal has optimised which fields display where on each form. These customised layouts pull all the relevant fields into one view, making each form easier and quicker to populate and navigate.
  • Amending templates. Although Beaumont Legal has the resource in-house to make changes to its templates within P4W, the firm prefers to use the Training Passport resource because it’s much quicker.


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