Tikit case study: Stephensons


Stephensons is an award-winning top 150 UK law firm, with 420 staff based in ten offices across England. A multi-service firm, it prides itself on its commitment to improving access to justice and on being sustainable, ethical and socially responsible.

A number of its solicitors are acknowledged ‘Leaders in their Field’ in Chambers UK, and Stephensons was named the Law Firm of the Year at the 360 Legal Awards in both 2012 and 2013.

The firm’s marketing team conducted regular large marketing campaigns using the existing case management system which held all its client data. However, this system wasn’t particularly designed to enable marketing activity.

This meant that campaigns were labour intensive, and moreover the intelligence they yielded was not as granular as the firm would have liked it to be. The use of the case management system was inhibiting the firm’s ability to systematically track, build and deepen client relationships with relevant, well-timed and well-targeted communications. Meanwhile the marketing team wanted to communicate more proactively, and more frequently, and they wanted the capacity to put resources into continually refining campaigns strategically, rather than just into their physical execution. The team saw a clear need for a customer relationship solution, so went looking for a supplier who could meet their requirements.


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