Tikit case study: Knights


Knights is an ambitious, modern firm with 200 staff in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Chester and Cheltenham. The firm puts innovation and growth at the heart of its culture, and is the first in the UK legal sector to have attracted private equity investment.

Knights is committed to growth and to investing in cutting-edge technology that delivers high-quality results and exceptional value to its clients. As part of this drive, the firm initially looked to add a document management system to get rid of nearly all paper and standardise version control. However it became clear that a comprehensive practice management system to replace the existing case and practice management systems was going to provide a better solution.

From there, and with an initial shortlist of six potential suppliers, Knights whittled it down to two real contenders: Tikit and one other. Notes Nigel Johnson, Knights’ IT Manager, “Tikit was very much favoured by the support members of the steering group, and it became clear to the lawyers what a difference the product was going to make to the firm.” Knights also had more confidence in Tikit’s solution which was already fully developed, with a convincing track-record of delivering to a broad client base.

Tikit then demonstrated that they could be highly flexible and responsive to Knights’ wish to tailor the system. Says Johnson, “I found the engagement we had with Tikit very encouraging. It wasn’t them bowing to our way to get the deal. They actually challenged everything we asked for just to make sure that there were valid reasons for making those changes.” The Tikit team was felt to be very professional and ‘people we could work with’. Finally, the price was right and Tikit could provide the solution on a Software as a Services (SaaS) basis, freeing Knights to make a capital investment elsewhere. Beating off all the competition, Tikit’s Partner for Windows (P4W) practice and case management system was duly selected.


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