Shepherd and Wedderburn chooses iManage work for reliability and ease of use

The Client 

Shepherd and Wedderburn traces its history back to 1823 and today is a leading UK law firm. With offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and Aberdeen, Shepherd and Wedderburn has 81 partners, a staff of more than 500 and advises clients around the globe. Key focus areas for the firm include Real Estate and Infrastructure, Energy and Natural Resources, Financial and Banking industries.

The Business challenge

Following its acquisition of Scottish law firm Tods Murray last year, Shepherd and Wedderburn faced a challenge common to many businesses that need to integrate new assets into their operations — determining which existing technologies would ultimately best serve the interests of the organisation moving forward. This was an especially important consideration when it came to a system for managing work product, which is the lifeblood of any professional services firm. 

“Efficient and secure document management is integral to the work we do day in and day out for our clients,” says Lynn Beaumont, Head of Quality at Shepherd and Wedderburn. “It is critical for us to have a system in place that’s reliable and that also helps our lawyers produce high quality work. The main objective is to make their jobs easier.”

Tods Murray was previously running the cloud-based NetDocuments and Shepherd and Wedderburn was already using iManage Work. The firm wanted to consolidate all work product management into a single, integrated system — a task that would ultimately involve the migration of millions of documents and the training over 100 new users on the chosen solution. Once a decision was made, Shepherd and Wedderburn’s next objective was to ensure that the conversion to a central, firm-wide solution would be as seamless and non-disruptive to client service as possible. 


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