Norton Rose centralises document digitising with ABBYY Recognition Server

Sarah Cox Posted By Sarah Cox
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Norton Rose selected ABBYY Recognition Server, a server-based solution for document recognition and conversion of PDF files to digital file formats. Based on ABBYY’s award-winning technology platform, Recognition Server offers high accuracy in recognition of scanned documents, image files, and PDF files reproducing not only words, but formatting of documents just like the original.

Like most legal practices, Norton Rose is inundated with thousands of paper documents through the course of their work. A variety of files, contracts, and correspondence must be efficiently filed and stored, easily searchable for future reference. The files can range from a single page fax to a legal contract consisting of several hundred pages. Previous efforts for digitising this data proved to be extremely time consuming. When Norton Rose lawyers, research, and administrative staff must spend many hours looking for key information, it affects productivity and profitability – for both Norton Rose and their clients.

ABBYY Recognition Server is now helping Norton Rose become more productive by processing several hundred documents on a any given day of the week. Norton Rose is currently adding ABBYY Recognition Server to their central document processing unit so that the firm can not only process new documents, but also the 12 million already existing in their database.



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