Legal Workflow case study: Custom workflow paves the way for ISO quality certification

Advances in technology are driving both expectations and concerns. Law firms are under considerable pressure from their clients – and the government – to protect confidential information. Regulations to protect both consumers and businesses from, for example, money laundering and data breaches, mean that law firms need to comply and to be able to demonstrate that compliance. Failure to do so can result in hefty fines and the necessity to disclose such breaches will likely damage a firm’s reputation.

Having security controls in place to protect against cyber security attacks is one thing but what about the danger from inside the firm? Staff are a big concern.

For instance, how do YOU enforce compliance with your firm’s protocols and policies? How do YOU minimise the risk of mistakes when inputting sensitive data into multiple systems? And should the need arise, either at the request of a client or a government body, how do YOU demonstrate that your compliance systems work?

The solution for one independent UK law firm was to go the ISO quality certification route and, with the assistance of Legal Workflow, they now have a robust custom workflow which:

  • enforces - and enables demonstration of - compliance with the firm’s protocols and policies
  • simplifies and automates creation of relevant and personalised communications and documentation
  • monitors financial information and automatically alerts case managers to approaching limits
  • streamlines work practices enabling legal practitioners to spend more time with their clients, and less time on repetitive and manual tasks.

Legal Workflow is a pioneering IT consultancy and creator of innovative products and services for the legal profession in the UK. Utilising automation and artificial intelligence, Legal Workflow is expert in developing and customising workflows and online legal services for legal case management and practice management systems. We specialise in writing integrations with third party applications, client portals and databases.

A unique combination of experience, knowledge and talent at Legal Workflow brings together commercial acumen with the imaginative application of technology, to provide our clients with modern, streamlined and cost-efficient systems, all while delivering a far superior user experience for both clients and staff. 


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