Jackson Parton solicitors supports growth with scalable managed IT system by DPS Software

Jackson Parton

Based in London and founded more than twenty years ago, marine law specialists Jackson Parton Solicitors have a varied client base including Lloyd’s and substantial shipping and insurance companies. They maintain excellent relationships with many law practices around the world.

The Solution

Clients of DPS since 2009, the firm have first adopted Outlook Office (our case management software) and DPS Cashier, following the migration from their incumbent legal accounting software, Access Legal.

Due to the nature of their business, Jackson Parton place great emphasis on their business continuity plans. The need to operate without interruptions and the state of their servers which were approaching their lowest efficiency point, made the firm to reconsider their IT strategy.

After comparing the costs of replacing the servers with the costs of moving to the cloud, Jackson Parton opted for dpscloud, our managed IT solution.

”It only made sense to go hosted with the company that is providing our practice management software.’’ said Richard Gunning, the Costs Manager at Jackson Parton. ”They were already familiar with the way we work, and were thus in the position to offer us the hardware/software infrastructure we needed to grow. We knew that our IT would be in good hands with them.”

Besides being the providers of their practice management software, DPS also offered the firm the business continuity and disaster recovery solutions that they were looking for. The information security management system in place at DPS would be prohibitively expensive and extremely labour intensive to implement at Jackson Parton or at any other law firm that lacks the support of a well-staffed internal IT department.


Jackson Parton Solicitors embraced our managed IT solution in 2014. Since then, they work the way the always have. ‘’The migration over to DPSCloud was seamless’’ notes Richard Gunning, the firm’s Costs Manager.

‘’As more staff are joining our firm, the pressure on our IT systems is increasing. We are thrilled to see our practice grow and see young solicitors venturing into the area of maritime law. At the same time however, we realise that we need to accommodate this change, from a technological point of view. DPS are partnering with us in this endeavour, providing us with a software and hardware infrastructure that is easy to scale and that is maintained to the highest standards.‘’ concluded Richard.

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