Nick Hayne at Quiss shares his top five software applications to help SME law firms to be more productive

Collaboration may have become a bit of a business buzzword in recent years, but the need to work more closely with colleagues and clients – often in different locations – has never been greater. Over 30 years of managed service experience has seen our technical teams specify, install, support and maintain just about every known software application to achieve almost every outcome, but some stand out as more useful to the modern law firm than others.

1 Microsoft Teams – a cloud-based team collaboration software, offering business messaging, calling, video meetings and file sharing. It enables local and remote workers to collaborate on content in real-time with almost any device. As a chat-based workspace, it features group and private messaging, with threaded and persistent conversations. Users create different channels to organise their communications by topic, connecting a couple of users in the office or thousands across global locations. The guest-access feature allows people outside an organisation to join internal channels for messaging, meetings and file sharing. This facilitates business-to-business project management to bring organisations and their clients closer in a safe and secure environment.

2 Trello – a collaborative project management tool that organises a user’s projects into visual boards, quickly showing what is currently being worked on, who is working on what project and what percentage of the project is complete. You can set up multiple boards to give each client their own. And you can create lists of the tasks to be undertaken on cards, which hold all the relevant details, like who is responsible for each action, the deadlines and so on. And you can invite your clients to view tasks, so they can check on progress when it suits them, which can save a lot of time answering calls and emails ...

This article was first published in LPM's December/January issue 'A tale of 2020', click here to read the full article.

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