Alexander Hudek at Kira Systems on the origins and evolution of a vision of artificial intelligence

Chief technology officer and co-founder of Kira Systems, Alexander Hudek, says that ever since he was a child he’d intended “either to become a scientist or to start a business”. And he has accomplished both. Even with the considerable analytics expertise he has since acquired, however, you might think it unlikely the young Hudek would have confidently predicted a future role for himself immersed in the business of law.

His earlier research on bioinformatics was focused on identifying similarities between DNA sequences – but it was in fact a “human” angle that encouraged him into the emerging field of applying machine-learning algorithms to complex legal agreements, he says.

“There was something very appealing about moving a computer closer to understanding human language – because human language feels so close to actual human cognition.”

And then there was the fact his co-founder and CEO Noah Waisberg had such direct experience of one of the very human situations Kira had in its sights. It was focused on making the progress of legal work more efficient absolutely – saving valuable time spent on contract analysis and due diligence – but in doing so the idea was to make that work much more satisfying for young people doing the job as they start out on their careers ...

This article was first published in Briefing's December/January issue 'delivery of the decade', click here to read the full article.

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