Artificial intelligence for law firms

Event - 25/02/2016 : artificial intelligence, Central London, ilta, information, law firms, risk, Technology, Workshops and seminars

Law firms hold vast volumes of information containing their learned know-how and experience, as well as client data. Lawyers must be able to leverage this experience from documents for obvious competitive and efficiency reasons, and using...

PwC webcast: fighting cyber attacks from the front line

Resource - 01/02/2016 : cyber attacks, pwc, risk, webcast, Finance, Technology

Information security is an ever-increasing threat to the reputation and brand of law firms. Our 2015 Annual law firms’ survey found that there have been a number of high profile cyber-attacks, and 62% of law firms reported that they had...

Where not to store your business records and why

Resource - 16/12/2015 : ADDS, costs, risk, storage, The file queen, Risk & Compliance

You have a variety of options for storing your business records, and each one comes with its own set of risks and costs. As a business person, you should avoid the following storage methods for the important reasons we outline here.


BLM selects Intapp to enhance service delivery to insurance customers

News Article - 15/12/2015 : BLM, Guidewire, insurance, intapp flow, risk, Risk & Compliance, Technology

Intapp today announced that BLM, the UK and Ireland’s leading insurance and risk law specialist with over 800 lawyers, has selected Intapp Flow software to enable BLM to receive instructions electronically via Guidewire. Guidewire is a...

Homebuyers should be cautious of flood risks but conveyancing sector is better positioned than ever to protect them

News Article - 11/12/2015 : conveyancing, floods, greenpeace, risk, SearchFlow, Risk & Compliance, Practice Management

Greenpeace revealed that up to 9,000 new homes are scheduled for development by local councils on land the Environment Agency says is at either “serious” or “significant” risk of flooding.

Maud Rousseau,...

Your probation is up – tips on how to approach it

Resource - 24/11/2015 : kpi, probation, risk, Finance, Marketing & BD

That time has approached, the end of your probation period is coming up. What do you do next, here are six tips to help you through.

Most companies will have a set procedure for this so you will not have to worry, others however will be...

Welcome to the launch edition of Pi magazine - For professional services firms in a high-risk world

News Article - 13/11/2015 : Howden, pi magazine, professional indemnity, risk, Risk & Compliance, Practice Management


I started working in Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance nine months after Lehman’s filed for bankruptcy and UK house prices hit the bottom.


Fraud alert! How to protect yourself

Resource - 22/10/2015 : fraud, Get Safe Online, risk, solicitors, SRA, Finance, Practice Management

Over the last six months we have heard of seven legal practices losing client money through fraud, with more than £2.4million of office and client money stolen.

Four of the frauds were as a result of social engineering - the act of...

A stitch in time saves nine - take the right precautions to ensure security of your entire supply chain

Resource - 20/10/2015 : General, ISO 27001, risk, security, Risk & Compliance

Monday morning, 8.45.  You switch on your computer and find it’s been hacked.  All your sensitive client files have been rendered unreadable, and have almost certainly been read by the hacker. 

9.00: your secretary...

Expert insights: How to mitigate the security risks of sharing data in the legal sector

Resource - 16/10/2015 : Certes Networks, data sharing, experts, KnowBe4, law firms, risk, Simplegrid Technology, Risk & Compliance, Technology

Security should be a priority for any organisation, regardless of the size of the company or the sector they work in. Within the legal sector, however, keeping your data secure and free from corruption is of the upmost importance. Whether it be...

Bringing order to your in-house team - Eversheds Ignite delivered with Williams Lea

Resource - 16/10/2015 : Eversheds Ignite, General, outsource, risk, Williams Lea

Are you taking advantage of new law managed services? 

Eversheds Ignite meets the demand from in-house teams to outsource work with guaranteed cost savings at no risk. In...

Cyber liability, not if but when?

Resource - 03/08/2015 : financial loss, Howden, risk, Risk & Compliance, Technology

Businesses of every size rely to an extent on information technology (IT) and data. This results in an exposure, alongside their clients, to a potential financial loss if that data is mislaid, stolen or rendered inaccessible. 


My view: Cloud-powered disaster recovery

News Article - 21/07/2015 : cloud, disaster recovery, risk, Risk & Compliance, Technology

As the market matures, we’ll see disaster recovery as one of the main drivers for cloud. The recent fire in Holborn and threats of terrorist activity serve as stark reminders that sometimes the unthinkable does happen, and there is no...

Ruling your risk

Blog post - 21/07/2015 : Information Asset Register, risk, The file queen, Risk & Compliance, Practice Management

This blog post was also featured as a column in the February 2015 issue of Legal Practice Management magazine...

Danger ahead?

Blog post - 09/06/2015 : cybercrime, Legal Practice Management, risk, Practice Management

This blog post was also featured as a column in the June 2015 issue of Legal Practice Management magazine. To...