Outsourced typing service becomes latest offering from Quill

News Article - 07/02/2018 : case management system, document management system, legal cashiering, legal software, outsourced cashiering, quill payroll, quill pinpoint, quill type, Technology, Practice Management

Quill Type is the latest outsourced offering to be launched under the Quill banner, joining Pinpoint - an SRA Accounts Rules-proficient outsourced cashiering service - and Payroll - a HMRC-approved outsourced payroll service. In addition to its...

Warner & Richardson promotes outsourced payroll

News Article - 09/12/2015 : quill payroll, quill pinpoint, Finance, Practice Management

As Quill Pinpoint’s Liverpool payroll bureau welcomes its 15,000th end user, the company introduces one of its newest clients, Heather Gardiner, Administration Manager at Warner & Richardson Solicitors.

Heather describes her...