The seven deadly sins of legal website copywriting

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Hello again. Sorry about the long gap between posts. I have committed the classic sin of not updating my blog for a couple of months. My excuse is, you guessed it … I have been too busy. But the truth is I really have. Been too busy that...

Launch of The Legal Copywriting Company

News Article - 05/08/2014 : legal copywriting, Marketing and BD, practice management, The legal copywriting company, Marketing & BD, Practice Management

Due to the rapid growth in business McKenna Legal Copywriting has formed as a limited company and is now trading as The Legal Copywriting Company...

Why choose The Legal Copywriting Company

Video - 21/07/2014 : law firm websites, legal copywriting, The legal copywriting company, UK law firms, Marketing & BD, Practice Management

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Information about The Legal Copywriting Company, specialising in legal copy and content marketing services to United Kingdom and New Zealand law professionals.

How to come up with original legal blog ideas

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Despite telling my clients that they need to blog at least once a week to improve and retain their rankings on Google, I have not posted anything on my own blog for nearly a month. Why have I not followed my own advice? 

Download the...

Creating your brand: Is your legal content targeting your ‘other’ clients?

Resource - 27/05/2014 : hr, human resources, law firm websites, legal copywriting, Marketing and BD, SEO for law firms, Human Resources, Marketing & BD

Anyone who has a vague idea about SEO knows that at the moment content is king. Since the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates, website builders and business owners have had to invest heavily in creating high-quality, informative content for their...

Your copywriter should become your law firm’s voice – make them legal

Resource - 12/05/2014 : law firm websites, legal copywriters, legal copywriting, McKenna Legal Copywriting, Marketing & BD, Practice Management

There are many fantastically talented copywriters around the world. Some have many years’ experience and can easily clear a six-figure income year on year. So what is so special about hiring a legal copywriter to write legal content? Surely...