The Alternative Legal IT conference

Event - 22/06/2016 : it directors, legal it, legal mid-market, Oxfordshire, Conferences, Technology

Now in its 8th year, the Alternative Legal IT conference, has established itself as the pre-eminent event for the mid-market legal IT community, with over 120 law firm IT Directors...

Top 100 Directors research: legal IT leaders report in 2013 released

News Article - 06/09/2013 : dla piper, it directors, kingsley napley, legal support network, LSN, top 100 directors research, Technology

IT professionals are reaching board-level status with more CIOs in post than ever before, new research into the top 100 Directors has found.

The number of C-level IT leaders is up almost 60% since the last study in 2009 according to the...

Top 100 firms fail to give IT chiefs titles they deserve

News Article - 19/01/2012 : clarke willmott, iain hepburn, it directors, mcgrigors, tim salmon, top100, Technology, Technology


IT as a role is comparatively new (compared to human resources and finance), and this may be the root cause of a key result of the research - that notably fewer IT chiefs are called 'director' than their senior...

Top law firms look outside law for finance, inside for IT, and to women only for HR

News Article - 19/01/2012 : equality, finance directors, hr directors, it directors, Legal Services Act, Finance, Finance, Human Resources, Technology

Top law firms' gender mix for senior support roles in two out of the three titles surveyed performs poorly against other sectors

Three major factors will drive change in the world of legal in the next 18 months - the completion...

IT heads bet cloud computing will save law firms millions

News Article - 19/01/2012 : cloud computing, it directors, it investment, it strategy, Technology, Technology

The switch to internet-based computing will ultimately save City law firms millions of pounds, according to a flagship Legal Week research project on legal technology.


The claim is contained in the 2010 Information Technology...

The IT crowd

News Article - 19/01/2012 : it directors, it infrastructure, it staff, it strategy, Technology, Technology

Technology occupies a curious space in the legal community. On one hand, City law firms fall over themselves to appear forward-thinking in relation to technology and lawyers have generally been eager to hop on the social media bandwagon. Likewise...