The future of SharePoint​

Resource - 02/06/2016 : digital workplace, file sharing, onedrive, sharepoint, Technology

On 4 May, Microsoft made some exciting announcements around the Future of SharePoint. If you didn’t manage to catch the live stream, here’s our run down of what you need to know!​

SharePoint 2016 is finally...

Designing a better digital workplace workshop

Event - 12/05/2016 : Central London, digital workplace, London Tech Week, workshop, Technology, Workshops and seminars

As part of London Tech Week, this breakfast workshop will look at how a well designed digital workplace can increase collaboration and efficiency.

Digital workplaces that connect together all parts of your business are becoming an...

Three things to do before launching a new collaboration solution

Resource - 11/05/2016 : collaboration, digital workplace, global solutions, Knowledge Management


The phrase ‘if you build it, they will come’ is sadly not always the case for digital workplace solutions. Creating an intranet solution that is truly...

[Video] Top tips for driving better digital workplace adoption

Resource - 29/04/2016 : digital workplace, digital workplace adoption, intranet, Knowledge Management, Technology


As part of our ...

Everything you need to know but were afraid to ask: The digital workplace

Resource - 29/01/2016 : digital connectivity, digital workplace, future, Knowledge Management, Technology

What is a digital workplace?

The term digital workplace was first coined long ago in a book called The Digital Workplace: Designing Groupware Platforms by Charles Grantham and Larry Nichols in 1993. Back then, digital was...

In the era of digital workplace, is your intranet dead?​

Resource - 30/10/2015 : cloud, digital workplace, engagement, intranet, Knowledge Management, Technology

With more vendors, consultants, experts and commentators rushing to join the Digital Workplace bandwagon (now BrightStarr too!), how do you make sense of it all?

What defines a digital workplace is up for debate. As you might expect,...

Investing to drive engagement: digital workplace or the intranet?

Event - 28/08/2015 : BrightStarr, Central London, digital workplace, intranet, seminar, Knowledge Management, Technology, Workshops and seminars

With the huge influx of younger workers entering organisations, ​​the ongoing growth of technology and the need to be digital to survive, it’s now becoming clear that the whole working environment has to be more flexible and transparent in...