Video: what would you do with your Clio day?

Video - 20/02/2014 : billing and detailed reporting, case and matter management, Clio, General, Technology, Time tracking, video, what would you do with your Clio day, Technology

Video length: 1 min 38 secs

Clio's customers told us that Clio saves them, on average, 8 hours a week (almost 1 entire work day...

Rekoop roundtable lunch

Event - 07/02/2014 : billing behaviours, cost analysis, expense management legal software, Glasgow, legal events, Roundtable, time capture, Time tracking, WIP management, Finance, Round tables, Technology

Time capture specialist Rekoop will be holding an informal roundtable lunch for finance, IT and management heads. Discussions will revolve around current thinking on and approaches to time tracking and capture, WIP management, cost analysis and...