LexisDraft report: Dodging the draft? The risk behind proofreading failures in firms

Resource - 06/06/2014 : document review, law firm drafting, law firm research, Legal documents, LexisNexis Draft, Proofreading, proofreading software, Research, UK law firms, Knowledge Management, Risk & Compliance, Technology

Many clients are being ill-served by legal business when it comes to the primary ‘product’ of law: document production.

LexisNexis’s research into proofreading and document review has found that not only do lawyers skip...

7 reasons why law firms digitise their client matter

Resource - 09/01/2014 : BYOD, Client matter, CSR policies, Digital Documents, Going digital, knowledge management, law firm, Legal documents, Looking after your client documents, mobility, Nikec Solutions, Paper costs, risk and compliance, Storage costs, Technology, Risk & Compliance, Technology

The creation of matter is central to a law firm’s operation - the focal point between a lawyer, his/her team and the client. While many firms still produce paper based matter folders, this is slowly changing with the realisation that the...