Industry Case Study from Thomson Reuters: Search here

Case Study - 15/01/2018 : external sources, HFW, information systems, internal sources, KM-efficiency, knowledge, knowledge management, Legal Search, search engine, sharepoint, Solcara, Solcara Legal Search, Knowledge Management, Technology

This article was also featured as an industry analysis in the December 2017 issue of Briefing. To read the issue in full, download...

Thomson Reuters case study: Dundas & Wilson

Case Study - 15/05/2014 : dundas & wilson, knowledge management, legal it, Legal Search, legal technology, Solcara, Thomson Reuters, Thomson Reuters Solcara, UK law firms, Knowledge Management, Technology

Solcara’s legal search delivers simple and targeted searching of internal and external legal resources for Dundas & Wilson

Dundas & Wilson is a UK law firm with offices in London, Edinburgh and Glasgow. The...