Econocom and Microsoft are announcing a partnership to distribute HoloLens on the European market

News Article - 27/11/2017 : digital, Econocom, microsoft, Microsoft HoloLens, Operating lease, Project financing, Software finance, Technology, Finance, Risk & Compliance, Technology

Econocom and Microsoft signed a partnership to distribute Microsoft HoloLens in France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Italy and Luxembourg. This agreement represents an alliance between the best of Microsoft’s technology and...

Econocom launches OneDesk, its next generation user support offering

News Article - 20/11/2017 : digital, Econocom, OneDesk, Operating lease, Project financing, Software finance, Technology, Finance, Technology

Companies and their employees are becoming increasingly demanding where digital tools and uses are concerned, in line with the premium quality standards offered by the B2C champions. In order to address these demands effectively, Econocom...

Econocom reports an 11.2% rise in revenue over the first nine months of the year

News Article - 25/10/2017 : digital, Econocom, Operating lease, Project financing, Software finance, Technology, Finance, Technology

Revenue rose 11.2% to €1,929 million.

6.9% organic growth, compared with 2.4% in the first half.

Presentation of the 5-year strategic plan, “e-for-excellence,” aiming for another twofold increase in recurring...

Econocom: How IT managers can ease digital transformation with payment-over-time models

Resource - 24/10/2017 : digital, digital transformation, Econocom, IT managers, Operating lease, Project financing, Software finance, Technology, Risk & Compliance, Technology, Practice Management

People are currently living in what some of them might describe as a ‘renter society’. In a nutshell, this phrase is used to describe the popularisation of consumers purchasing goods and services by making regular incremental payments...

Econocom announces Jade Solutions as latest addition to group

News Article - 25/09/2017 : digital, Econocom, jade solutions, Operating lease, Project financing, Software finance, Technology, Finance, Technology

Econocom UK, a leading provider of digital transformation solutions, has announced a deal that sees Jade Solutions, a UK-based enterprise mobility solutions provider, join the Econocom group. The deal involves Econocom acquiring an 85% stake in...

Econocom 2016 half year results

Resource - 12/09/2016 : Econocom, Finance, half year results, revenue, revenue report, Finance

Download the pdf above to read the results.


Briefing supplement: Finance leaders

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Briefing supplement: Finance leaders

Paths to profitability

Does finance know its own strength?


Successes to inspire other successes - digital stories from Econocom

Resource - 23/06/2016 : case studies, Econocom, resource, Technology


Who could have imagined, just ten years ago, that we could go back in time thanks to 3D technology, make buildings smart or transform the shopper experience? The...

Exclusive interview with Bruno Lemaistre, Econocom executive director and COO

Video - 10/05/2016 : Econocom, EnterNext, Tech 40 Label, Finance, Technology

Econocom has been selected for the second year running by EnterNext to join the Tech 40 Label.

“It’s our duty to be entrepreneurs”, interview with Jean-Louis Bouchard, chairman of Econocom

Resource - 03/05/2016 : BNP Paribas, Econocom, La Tribune, success, Finance

On Monday 4 April 2016, Emmanuel Macron, French Minister of the Economy and Finance, Marie-Claire Capobianco from BNP Paribas, Jean-François Lafaye...

Econocom has been selected for the second year running by EnterNext to join the Tech 40 label

News Article - 25/04/2016 : Econocom, EnterNext, stock market, Tech 40, Finance, Technology

The Tech 40 label is given to emblematic tech companies listed on the Euronext markets. The 40 companies were selected by a panel of independent European experts based on their economic, financial and stock market performance. Tech 40 companies...

Econocom 2015 preliminary results

News Article - 01/02/2016 : Econocom, financial guidance, revenue, Technology

Very strong performance in 2015 for Econocom: the group achieves its financial guidance and confirms the ambitions of its Mutation 2017 strategic plan.

Around six months behind the schedule initially announced in 2013, the successful...

Why Firms Lease their Digital Projects

Resource - 07/12/2015 : digital learning, digital technology, Econocom, futuristic, Finance, Technology


Digital technology is affecting every aspect of modern life, transforming our standard behavior and activities. In fact, 88 percent of business executives stated that...

Control your cost

Resource - 16/11/2015 : cost management. expansion, Econocom, General, pricing, Technology, Finance

This resource was also featured as a Briefing Industry Analysis in the June 2015 ...

Law firms will need a system upgrade to survive today's climate

Resource - 13/11/2015 : business development, Econocom, General, systems, Technology, Technology

This resource was also featured as a Briefing Industry Interview in the March 2015 issue of Briefing magazine...