Join us for 'Zoom magic' and the LSN virtual pub quiz

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UK street magician Pete Heat performs at the world’s most prestigious corporate and private events. He also stars in two Sky TV street magic series: Secrets Of The Brain and Around The World In 80 Tricks. 

Who is Pete...

The Conscious Solutions 2017 Advent Caledar

Resource - 01/12/2017 : Conscious Solutions, General, law firm marketing, prize draw, Marketing & BD

Yep, that's right, £17,029 (we like precision!!) of prizes to be won in December 2017. Click on the door below corresponding to today's date if you wish to play right now. A form will pop up confirming what today's...

Digital resolutions for law firms in 2016

Resource - 06/01/2016 : blog, Conscious Solutions, content, digital marketing, google, law firms, marketing, newsletter, Marketing & BD

As the old saying goes, a new year means a new start.

Everyone knows that there’s no excuse in January, since all the resolutions that have built up over the year have already been pushed to the “new year” pile. Once the...

The coming marketing trends of 2016

Resource - 21/09/2015 : 2016, Conscious Solutions, marketing, trends, Marketing & BD, Practice Management

In the world of marketing, trends are born every minute, and it can often be difficult to see which ones won’t die next. Knowing which changes will last, which new social platforms will take off and most importantly knowing what the people...

A lawyer's guide to blogging

Resource - 24/08/2015 : blogging, Conscious Solutions, lawyers, Marketing & BD, Practice Management

So, a prospective client has visited your website. Thankfully, it’s just had a facelift, and couldn’t look any sharper. While 46% of consumers consider web design the top factor in a company’s credibility, what happens...

Conscious try Periscope

News Article - 12/08/2015 : Conscious Solutions, conscious solutions uses periscope, General, law firm marketing, periscope, social media, Marketing & BD

Written by David Gilroy, Director of stuff and things at Conscious Solutions

By now, you’re probably aware that I will jump on any opportunity to share what I’ve learnt in my time. What can I say? I’ve got a lot to...

Being human

Resource - 05/08/2015 : Conscious Solutions, digital marketing, online, twitter, Marketing & BD, Practice Management

When it comes to digital marketing and online presence, think like your client, not your colleague. Think of yourself as a person for a moment, rather than a lawyer. What would you want to read? What would attract you? Gyi Tsakalakis of...

Conscious are now offering a free website health check service!

News Article - 20/07/2015 : Conscious Solutions, free, website health check, Marketing & BD, Practice Management

All too often, we hear from law firms that they have no idea how their website is performing or how visible it is to the public. A lot of the time, they may not even know whether it generates more money than it costs and whether it really adds to...

The big M+E+M=P roundup

Resource - 16/07/2015 : Conscious Solutions, efficiency, General, marketing, money, profit, roundup, Marketing & BD

It’s 2015, and Law Firms can no longer presume that simply practising law is enough to survive. In an ocean of competition, the rise of ABS’ and the shrink in demand, marketing in this profession has never been more crucial in...

Conscious Solutions has expanded its marketing services team

News Article - 06/07/2015 : Conscious Solutions, General, marketing team, PPC, SEO, social media, Marketing & BD

We’ve always offered SEO, PPC and Social Media services, but with search engines putting more pressure on all websites, being up to date has never been more crucial and you must be prepared to move with the times at lightning speed. Last...

Conscious Solutions and Law League to join forces

News Article - 13/05/2015 : Conscious Solutions, growth, law league, marketing agency, surveys, Marketing & BD, Practice Management

Conscious Solutions and Law League are delighted to announce that they are combining forces on 1 June 2015 to accelerate the growth of Law League. Both businesses have long co-operated and cross promoted each...

Launching Legal Websites

News Article - 21/04/2015 : Conscious Solutions, Launch, law firm website, Marketing & BD, Technology

Remember it's not just about having a website, it's about what you do with it that counts!

If you're launching a new website for your law firm, there are a number of vital things that you need to consider before going live....

29 Miles, 12 Hours, can Conscious make it?

News Article - 15/04/2015 : Conscious Solutions, General, walk, Wallace & Gromit Appeal

The event is in association with Trekfest who have challenged participants to complete the walk in 12 hours and raise as much money as possible for their chosen charity. Our charity, The Wallace & Gromit Grand Appeal, supports Bristol...


Event - 31/03/2015 : Bristol, Conscious Solutions, efficiency, marketing, money, profit, workshop, Finance, Marketing & BD, Workshops and seminars

M+E+M=P is Conscious' acronym for marketing, efficiency, money and profit

A free half day workshop running in 5 locations around the country. The workshop explores ways in which your law firm can maximise its profits...

David Gilroy of Conscious attends Manchester Legal Awards

Resource - 26/03/2015 : award, ChildLine schools services, Conscious Solutions, Manchester Legal Awards, speech, Human Resources, Marketing & BD

David Gilroy, Director of stuff and things at Conscious Solutions; 

'I had the pleasure of attending the Manchester Legal Awards this year....