Workshare Secure - Risk Analytics

Workshare Secure gives firms Risk Analytics to identify unusual user behavior, so action can be taken to prevent data loss. By monitoring all emails flowing through your firm, it’s possible to discover where any sharing risks lie and arm yourself with the information you need to ensure confidential or sensitive data isn’t sent to the wrong people.

Security that won’t hold you up

Detect accidental or malicious sharing of matter files and build an audit trail with Workshare Secure Risk Analytics.

  • Get transparency on where clients’ documents are being sent.
  • Find out if there has been a breach of your ethical wall, and where that took place.
  • See when someone passes on information they should never have had access to.

Identify risk and manage exposure

It’s important to demonstrate you’re in control of sensitive and personal data because of regulation and outside counsel guidelines. With Risk Analytics, you can monitor sharing activity, identify unusual user behavior and crucially report any breaches. With watch-lists for individuals in your company and transparent reports on unintentional and unauthorized sharing over noncorporate email domains, it’s possible to accurately investigate and report data breaches. 

Integrated protection for sensitive data

Workshare’s intelligent rules engine looks for security markers and other information added to files by existing control solutions, like your Document Management System. Activity is presented in clear and simple reports, so you get immediate insight on the data leaving your business.

With Risk Analytics, suspicious behavior is flagged, so you can create and action risk management policies based on real incidents. It’s the first solution configured specifically for legal teams, so it’s nuanced and sensitive enough to monitor all your matters, who is allowed to access them and their associated files.

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