Six tips for protecting and preserving your backup media

Tip one: don’t take media home

Many small business owners take their backup media home with them. If you’re one of them, ask yourself the following question: What will happen to your data if tapes are stolen from your car or left on a bus or train? A data backup and rotation service eliminates the risks of taking your media home. After your media is backed up, it should be transported to a data vault in a secure, GPS-tracked vehicle for storage.

Tip two: handle media carefully

Careless handling of your tapes and magnetic media devices can damage them and limit access to your critical data. Keep tapes in their individual plastic cases to protect them from oils, dust and dirt. Your data backup and rotation service should transport your tapes in a locked, foam-insulated container to protect them from physical damage.

Tip three: rotate often

The strongest data protection programs use a layered tape rotation strategy. Perform differential backups daily and full backups weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly with several tapes.

Tip four: track and manage

You can’t protect your data if you can’t locate it. Label your tapes with bar codes so they can be managed throughout their retention lifecycle. When you invest in a data backup and rotation service, your media is tracked with specialised tape management and bar code technology.

Tip five: store offsite

Physical security for your media is a must. Data tapes and portable hard drives should always be kept on lockdown, in an alternate location, when not in use. A media vault offers your backup media unparalleled protection from unauthorised access as well as fire, flood and natural disasters. Find a data vault that offers following features:

  • heat- and fire-resistant paneling
  • temperature and humidity regulation systems
  • gas-based fire suppression
  • security monitoring and entry control systems 

Tip six: destroy at end of lifecycle

Never sell used tapes or hard drives. Confidential files can be recovered, even from deleted and wiped devices. When your media reaches the end of its lifecycle, use an IT and Media Destruction Service to destroy it. Background-screened professionals shred your media according to GDPR requirements and provide you with a Certificate of Destruction.

A solid media protection and preservation strategy ensures continuous data recovery.


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