"LegalKEY is dead, long live LegalKEY," says Legal RM

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Opportunist vultures are circling and misinformation being posted to various platforms about how LegalKEY is now a defunct or sunset records management product, one would expect OpenText, owners of LegalKEY, to speak out to reassure clients - The silence, however, has been deafening!

With LegalKEY still being the market leading records management platform in the legal sector, this has created a genuine concern amongst users that a cliff edge migration is urgently required. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is true that LegalKEY is clunky and old technology, however firms reviewing the market are not seeing anything to “wow” them away from LegalKEY, other than feeling that it will not be around for much longer, or does not seamlessly integrate with their firm’s information governance strategy.

Whilst LegalKEY may not seem the coolest or most aesthetic records management application on the market, the granularity of features and product stability, until now, has been second to none, leading many to say it’s built like a Russian tank…it just keeps going!

Trevor Hughes, Records Manager of Clifford Chance LLP explained “Whilst we recognise LegalKEY will not be around indefinitely, we are not going to rush into throwing away a perfectly capable application”. Hughes continued “LegalKEY remains a stable platform for most of our records requirements, where it lacks capabilities we have adopted a number of web based modules from LegalRM, thus allowing us to take a more structured and planned approach to any upgrade”.

LegalRM have listened to the market and have taken over LegalKEY Records support & maintenance for a number of large global law firms, offering enhanced support, as well as providing a whole new web based feature set, through the Mobile Records Center.

New features include:

  • Integrated Information Governance with your EDM (whether iManage Work or NetDocuments)
  • Dynamic Reporting with extract capabilities
  • Location Audits and Inventories using barcode and RFID technology
  • File and Box relocation
  • RFID Tag Finder to track down missing files
  • File Delivery with signature capture and Proof of Delivery
  • File Collection
  • Two-way offsite storage integration with reconciliation, and invoice checking

Applications are all real time and available on smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC. They are also completely barcode or RFID reader agnostic, so you can say goodbye to those old, expensive, PDA barcode reading bricks and Remote Utilities!

Commenting on this, Chris Giles, Managing Director of LegalRM, explains “The Mobile Records Center suite is now being used by 4 of the Top 10 Global law firms, demonstrating the value it brings, regardless of which records management system used”. “Our records experts are passionate about supporting our clients, identifying needs and delivering innovative applications to help reduce cost and mitigate risk.

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