Five plus one simple ways to improve your firm’s cyber security

Law firms have a wide range of IT challenges to manage, but the most pressing and urgent is Cyber Security. They are targets because they often hold large amounts of client money and of course clients demand that their law firms are secure and take all steps to guard against online threats.

Firms need to invest in their security but can take some simple low cost steps to improve their security and make their staff more ‘cybercrime aware’.

Here are five simple ways to improve your firm’s security:

  1. Change your passwords regularly and force users to change
  2. Ensure users to use proper long passwords
  3. Train staff to lock their screens when they are away from their computer
  4. Clear that desk! Train users to adopt a clear desk policy – leaving papers with potentially sensitive information on them around is bad!
  5. Make sure your staff know emails are INHERENTLY  so do not use them for sensitive information

What is the plus one? Get Cyber essentials certified so you can evaluate the policies you have in place and assess new controls to help you become Cyber Essentials accredited. See more at:

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