New: cleanDocs email recipient checking now remembers conversations

The number one cause of data breaches worldwide is human error. A notoriously difficult thing to prevent, simple mistakes like addressing an email to the wrong person can end up causing serious reputational damage to a business. cleanDocs is a powerful line of defense against data leaks through email since it asks users to check and confirm the email recipient before it leaves their outbox.

We know our users value the minimalistic cleanDocs UI. All the data protection features – including recipient checking and metadata cleaning – display on the same pop-up so users aren't bombarded with multiple screens. We also know IT managers look for solutions that offer maximum protection with minimal impact on productivity. These reasons are behind a recent, major enhancement to the recipient checking function in cleanDocs.

Recipient checking is smarter and more efficient in cleanDocs 2.2

Email recipient checking in cleanDocs 2.2 can now remember conversations, so pop-ups are further reduced. The user will be asked to confirm that the recipients of an email thread are those intended when they draft a new message or hit reply. They won't be asked again on repeated replies since they have already made the necessary checks. Users need only approve new additions to the email thread when remember conversations is switched on.

We know every business is different, so administrators can deactivate the new feature if they want the recipient checking window to continue displaying. Do this by going to the Configuration Manager and unchecking 'Remember approved recipients for repeated replies'.

Expedited confirmation - DocsCorp cleanDocs email recipient checking remembers conversations

What else is new in cleanDocs 2.2

The other major enhancement in cleanDocs 2.2 is the ability to clean image file metadata. This includes information like the GPS location, time, and date of a photo. The feature is critical for law firms that need to keep evidence files free of metadata.


cleanDocs users can take advantage of the new features by updating to the latest version from the DocsCorp Resource Portal. Not already using cleanDocs to work smarter in Outlook? Claim your free trial today.

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