Aderant CompuLaw DocketAlertTM reduces risk to law firms

Automated alerts for upcoming court deadlines helps further decrease chances of human error and potential risk to law firms

The much anticipated CompuLaw DocketAlertTM solution is live and available. Aderant, the world’s largest independent legal software company, has announced the launch of the product which gives firms the ability to match court cases with Aderant’s CompuLaw Vision and MyView solutions. This link allows law firms to automate yet another error-prone step in the calendaring process, thereby further decreasing risk of a malpractice suit due to missing a court deadline.
CompuLaw DocketAlertTM creates a more seamless workflow for law firms by providing a direct link to the courts, tracking court appearances and black line notifications from within CompuLaw. Instead of the error-prone task of manually entering dates, court calls are imported and easily calendared. Firms also receive email notifications when updates occur and are able to run reports of upcoming court calls and black line notifications.
“Law firms need to be constantly vigilant of changing court dates, and some jurisdictions and courts can make that very challenging,” said Chris Giglio, chief executive officer for Aderant. “The CompuLaw rules database has long been the industry leader in helping firms protect themselves from missing important court dates, and now the CompuLaw DocketAlertTM solution helps manage that risk even further. DocketAlert is a great example of how at Aderant, we are investing in the future of our products to help our clients manage risk, while saving time and money.”
For more information on CompuLaw DocketAlertTM visit the Aderant website.

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