Accesspoint and Databarracks deliver CJSM connectivity in the cloud to Edwards Duthie

Cloud service provider Databarracks has joined forces with legal IT specialists Accesspoint to deliver access to the Criminal Justice Secure eMail (CJSM) system in one of East London’s largest solicitors firms.

Edwards Duthie employs over 170 fee earners and support workers over 7 sites in the UK – meaning a reliable and secure email service is essential to their productivity. 

Ken Winberg, practice director at the firm, explains: “Criminal cases account for approximately 25% of our workload, so ensuring the relevant fee earners can connect reliably to the CJSM from anywhere makes a very real impact to our bottom line – particularly once you factor in the 75% drop in postage costs we’ve seen. 

“We opted to use SMTP connectivity through a dedicated exchange environment for the right blend of security and seamless user-experience. However, because Databarracks can host our dedicated environment in a secure container in a multi-tenant platform, it’s very cost-effective too.”

Richard Roebuck, managing director at Accesspoint, who provide IT services to the legal sector, says: “Databarracks was instrumental in helping us architect the right kind of environment for the CJSM accounts we needed. The government red tape associated with becoming CJSM compliant would have been insurmountable without them.”

Peter Groucutt, managing director at Databarracks said of the partnership: “The CJSM guidelines are very prescriptive regarding the way legal professionals can and cannot connect in to the service. The technical and compliance-based obstacles are quite complex, and I’d encourage legal organisations to seek out technology partners capable of assisting them through the process. 

“As a result of Edwards Duthie’s partnership with Accesspoint and Databarracks, the firm now has a CJSM-compliant email system that fully integrates with their existing environment in a centralised, unified cloud platform.”

Visit the Databarrack networkpartner page.

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