Databarracks webinar: Continuity toolshed – free tools for better recovery

Over the past 3 years, we’ve been developing practical tools that take the heavy lifting out of in-depth continuity planning, making it faster and more approachable to newcomers.
But there’s an important caveat. Shiny, interactive tools can trick you into feeling productive by outputting important-looking information. Without a plan, instructions, or good data, they’re not useful.
That’s what The Recovery Toolshed: free tools for better recoveries is all about.
On Wednesday 29th November, we’re going to explain how Databarracks range of free recovery tools combine to output meaningful metrics and useful information that can be practically applied to great continuity planning.
Register for the webinar to see how to:
  • Create a Risk Register
  • Write your IT recovery runbook
  • Calculate your cost of IT downtime
  • Create your own mass notification system
  • Test your plan with a Tabletop test simulator

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Event Details

Date:29 November 2017
Time:2:00pm - 2:30pm
Location:Your desk