Andy Bevan at Pulsant on keeping up to date with security

Given the absolute importance of data security and confidentiality within the legal sector, it can often be instructive to take note of the accomplishments and mistakes of other organisations.

A recent example of the disastrous reputational and operational consequences that can result from a cyberattack in a highly regulated sector is the Travelex ransomware attack in January 2020. The company was not only forced to take down its global websites after hackers took control and demanded a £4.6m ransom, it was reported that the organisation had to resort to paper-based processing for a period, and was unable to sell or reload its travel money cards. Its high-profile customers, including Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays, Tesco Bank and Asda, might be asking some searching questions.

In the legal space, where a reputation for confidentiality and working to best practice is crucial, erosion of that trust inevitably means your ability to generate new business – or indeed, retain clients – is compromised. Put simply: we can’t relax when it comes to data security.

This article was first published in Briefing's February issue 'COO your future', click here to read the full article.

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