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Downloadable and online resources about legal business services from LSN and our networkpartners.

  • 4 top tips from Conscious Solutions for nailing customer service on social media

    marketing & bd
    I’m ashamed to say that one of the first things I do when I receive bad service or a faulty product is to go on Twitter and tweet about it, tagging the offending business in hope of a response. But then, it appears I’m not the only one.
  • Forecast: Law firms will be cloud ready by 2021

    Law firms have long talked about the attractiveness of migrating their IT infrastructure to the cloud, but they have not made appreciable steps to date. This is due in large part to an understandable fear of negative client reaction, especially in regulated markets such as finance. In truth, restrictive outside counsel guidelines of even a few large clients often were enough to put the brakes on cloud initiatives.
  • DocsCorp publishes its 2019 Report on PDF Editing Workflows for Portable Devices

    Nearly 300 people were surveyed on how they digitally edit, review, and approve documents on different devices.
  • Winning the battle of effective time recording

    marketing & bd
    RevenueManager, by Enable, is the legal software solution that law firms have been waiting for. The majority of law firms use time recording as their core method of knowing what to charge their client and to assess performance of their staff.
  • How to use LinkedIn to find your dream job

    human resources
    As recruiters, we are driven by helping people find their dream job. LinkedIn is just one of the social media platforms that can help you get noticed in the job market. In this post, we’ll explain to you how to draw up the best possible LinkedIn profile.
  • Outsourcing technology considerations for law firms

    There appears little doubt there is growing acceptance of how lawtech, like automation and AI, can help lawyers access, interrogate, understand and use large amounts of data, with greater efficiency offering the opportunity for increased profitability.
  • Make the switch to a client portal

    You’re probably already aware of the dangers associated with email, but we bet you’re still continuing to use it, despite the risks. In the current climate, it’s almost impossible to completely avoid using email as part of your daily communication, however, you should be making an effort to minimise your email usage by only using it in certain scenarios, i.e. inquiries. For lawyers in particular, once a client has been acquired, you should move all communications and file sharing to one secure portal, this not only streamlines all communications, but generally makes it easier for you and your client to contact each other and share files.
  • The PDF Binder application that helps users create court bundles 75% faster

    Combining PDFs into a document bundle to be distributed to a client or filed with the Court can eat up hours of billable time. But it doesn’t have to.
  • The client quid pro quo

    marketing & bd
    Michael Warren, vice president, business development practice, Wilson Allen, says to derive value from clients, make sure that you’re first delivering it.
  • Accelerating your law firm's response to cyber threats

    It's tempting to think that because your law firm hasn’t felt the full impact of a cyber attack, you’re not at risk, especially if you've already invested in security.
  • GDPR: Are the fines real?

    Under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), organisations may be fined up to €20 million, or 4% of the total worldwide annual turnover of the preceding financial year, whichever is higher.
  • Law department analytics survey reports

    The rise of data analytics has in the past decade substantially impacted how businesses operate and provide services. The legal industry, on the other hand, has been much slower to adopt analytics than other verticals. That is beginning to change, as interest and investment grows in legal organizations.
  • Best practices in contract management

    Every organization has contracts, but not every organization adequately manages its contracts. And while the nature and complexity of these agreements can vary widely, careful governance enables organizations to maximize their value and limit their exposure.
  • How confident are you in your firm’s redaction process?

    No law firm in 2019 needs to be masking text instead of properly redacting it. The days of running a black marker over a hard copy and scanning it back in to create a new soft copy should be long gone. The modern equivalent – drawing a black box over content in Microsoft Word and converting to PDF – shouldn’t be far behind it, either. Why? Because PDF redaction solutions are widely available, reliable, and efficient.
  • Testing document management systems in the legal sector

    The document management system (DMS) is a central component of a firm’s IT systems. When looking to upgrade, a robust test approach will provide confidence that the new system will work effectively.