Legal Practice Management 2016 conference report

What are the latest trends in SME legal practice management and what can we expect in the future? 


Find out in the LPM 2016 conference report - sponsored by Accesspoint.

Change and transformation are words that strike fear into the most hardened of legal management hearts, because they are hard to do, and even harder to make stick. But change must happen inside today’s SME law firms to make sure they stay in business in tomorrow’s world.

LPM 2016 conference report

At this year’s Legal Practice Management conference in London, we polled our audience of law firm management delegates on a range of topics. Some questions we’ve been asking since our first LPM conference, back in the misty era of 2012. Much has changed in the world since then (new UK governments, drones are now ‘a thing’, Donald Trump), but legal, not so much. The rise of the ABS has been slow (though impactful) and the recession has, for many busines

ses, faded into a distant memory compared to the Brexit debate.

But SME law firms, rightly, smell a real need for change in the wind – and perhaps, though they seem to find it hard to name that change, the clues are legion. Read this report to find out more.

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